Why not a blog?

Status: readable.

This page explains why I have chosen to format this site how it is, rather than creating a typical blog.

Not a blog/news site

Firstly, I dislike the term "blog". There are still people that do not know what a blog is, and I can avoid that confusion by simply using a different name. I prefer "news", since it applies outside the Internet too.

But I chose not to call this a "news" site either, because that implies that the content is specific to the time it was originally created.

The content on this site is meant to be timeless. Every page will display my current opinion, even if you read it long after I have published it.

This works because I intend to update pages as my views change.

Progression of thoughts

A blog/news site can also do this, since entries are usually displayed in reverse-chronological order. So an entry with a newer date will show the current view, while an older entry will show the previous view.

But what if a person is taken directly to an older page? Some people update older posts with a link to the newer one, but this is not always the case.

If I update existing pages then there is no chance for someone to view outdated information and assume it is my current opinion.

But editing old pages could make it impossible for someone to view my progression of thoughts. My hopeful solution to this comes down to my editing style.

One goal of Internet sites should be to maintain permanent links to information.

If someone links to a page as a reference, and then that link or the content is changed, then the original reference is broken.

Updating the content of my existing pages could break those references if it is not done properly.

When editing an existing page, my intention is to keep the existing content intact (as much as possible), but then add any changes that I have realised after.

Ideally this will mean that references will still apply, but then the reader can also discover my newer views on a topic, without having to visit the newer page.

Tell me if this breaks

Although I will be trying my best to follow the plan I have outlined above, there is always the possibility that I will break something.

If you have or discover a broken link/reference from somewhere, please let me know so that I can fix it.

You should be able to find how to contact me on my about me site.

Hopefully this format works, but I am always open to suggestions about how I can improve it.