Religion in my life

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Growing up, my family did not force any particular belief system on me. Opinions were shared, but it was more about keeping an open mind rather than directing thoughts.

My friends and family have different religious and spiritual beliefs, and gatherings exposed me to their practices and views.

Until my mid-20s, I was quite skeptical of it all and probably would have called myself an atheist. But now I am becoming more open to the other aspects of religion, beyond their belief systems.


At school, I recall visiting a church and a couple of times when a chaplain spoke to our class. I gathered that the majority of students had no interest in it because these events were usually mocked afterwards.

I did quite well at school and started to understand the world through science and logic, which further defined my skepticism in religion.

As an aside, I want to make it clear that I do not think this was wrong. I think people should be respectful of beliefs, but I do not think this should be at the expense of explaining the world through the scientific process.

I think that providing everyone a better understanding of science can only improve our lives in this world. But as with anything, this also requires knowing who commissioned the studies and what their interests are.


Although the majority of people I know do not seem interested in religion, I do have religious friends. Over the years I have heard their views on different topics, which I always find interesting.

I think my parents approach of not forcing, but still exposing us to different groups, along with hearing friends views has made me a lot more open to viewing the world in different ways.


Given my current job, which is entirely based around science, it seems quite ironic that I am becoming increasingly interested in learning about different beliefs. But this is more likely related to my own curiousity rather than my current environment.

This curiousity extends into many different philosophical questions too.


I will continue expanding this page as I learn more so I do not think it will ever be finished.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and will hopefully provide additions to this page!